RGB Light: Custom Effects

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    Anyone figured out how to trigger an update + sending of V_VAR1 / V_VAR2 from home assistant to a node?

    My goal is to trigger custom effects in a mysensor-RGB node.

    (Yes, I know my sketch could present switches to allow triggering of the effects but I wanted to learn more how HA mySensor integration works and maybe couple with HA's existing 'effect_list' attribute for RGB lights).

  • @rvendrame
    I think you should start with presenting a sensor as S_CUSTOM with V_VAR1 as described here
    That should show up in HA and from there you can control the values from HA.
    I hope this helps.

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    @electrik , thanks for the directions. Yes the S_CUSTOM does show up in HA --- But how to change its value there? I can set different values in dev tools UI, but that is known to be temporary (it lasts only until next refresh from integration), and changing it there does not trigger a V_VAR1 message from HA back to node...

  • I have no idea, sorry...
    Personally I use node red for automations, from there you can just address the node and child directly even when it isn't presented or not supported by home assistant.

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