Node doesn’t seem to reconnect

  • I have a 2 relay node in my master bedroom running 2.3.2. Gateway is pi gateway running the same version. Node is built with the easy/newbie board. It’s a decent distance away from the gateway, periodically something happen and I guess it stops being able to communicate. But oddly enough, it never seems to try to reconnect. I thought the built in watchdog should get it to go back to find parent or something.

    If I unplug the module and plug back in, reconnect, all is well.

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice for getting nodes to retry to connect to gateway better. I feel I’m missing something simple in the stability aspect here.

  • @CrankyCoder This could have several reasons...
    To debug this, you should activate the mysensors debug statement. Let the node run and at the moment you see no connection anymore, connect a laptop/computer to the node via the serial connection and see what the node is doing.
    It could be that the node is frozen.
    You are talking about a 2 relay node. How this relay board is connected to the newbie board? A selfmade relay board or a bought one? What are you switching with these relays? External systems can have an 'electronic' influence on the arduino causing a malfunction...

  • I would need to leave something connected all the time wouldn't I? Hooking laptop to the arduino would cause the reset?

    The relay module is a purchased 2 relay board for the arduino, 5v logic.

  • I have done some digging around and and I am not 100% sure or not but I do not recall if the relay module in the node is optoisolated, so that could be part of the interference if you think that could be the issue. I am pretty sure the 5v power for the relay module and the arduino are coming from the same 5v psu BUT I am 99.99% sure I do not have a cap across the 5v/gnd on the relay module, so I guess I could pull that module out and see about replacing it with an optoisolated one (if it's not isolated) and put a decoupling capacitor on the relay module itself.

    Just some thoughts.

  • I suppose you are using a arduino pro mini when you speak of a newbie board. So effectively it is not easy to connect a laptop to the serial output. I don't think the arduino will reset when connecting, but it's not convenient.

    So to detect if it is the relayboard, can you deconnect it from the newbie board and let run the node like this.
    If it works now for some time, we are sure it is the relayboard somehow influencing the arduino.
    If it still freeze, it is not the relayboard and we must continue to debug...

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