mkr1010 and NRLF24L01

  • i am trying to send a text from my MKRWIFI 1010 to my uno with the former being the transmitter and the latter the reciever . For the both boards those are my connections ce=6 csn=7 mosi=8 miso=10 sck=9 . I have changed the pin numbers in the iconfig file accordingly lines 79-91. But the data i get on my reciever are just empty boxes and spams of unwanted characters.

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    @omarrxa mkr1010 supports wifi and Bluetooth, the nrf24l01 uses a proprietary protocol, which is incompatible unfortunately.
    Simply said, they cannot talk together.

  • Hello I have managed to make it work. Using two NRLF2401 transmitter and reciever . Updating the pin variables from the NRLF2401 as both boards have different MOSI,MISO SCK pins . Doing that will allow a succesfull connection and communication

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    @omarrxa sure, now you're using identical radios

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