Smart multi password, multi zone access control Keypad

  • Hi All

    I have been locked in hotel isolation, had to much spare time so I have been working on a few little projects. This is my first serious sketch, although many of the ideas are borrowed and Im sure it could have been done a much easier way.
    The motivation for this project was to free me from carrying my phone.
    My project has a keypad with password access control. The keypad takes 6 different passwords and can operate 20 different functions with the combination of the password and extension code.
    The passwords and user names are updateable from the controller. All 20 zones can all be set as active or not for each user from the controller.
    There is also a motion sensor and door open/close switch included in the functions.
    The sketch needs to be installed on and arduino mega due to its size.
    I have only briefly tested with a controller, most testeing was from the arduino ide serial monitor through the serial gateway.
    I will include the signing to this when i get around to the build.
    I'm out of isolation tomorrow so little will be done for a while, have look see what you think. I not sure how usefull it will actually be but was a fun learning experience for me.
    The password and zones active needs to be set from the controller or gateway serial monitor before this is operational. else maybe can comment out loadza();
    loadpw(); loadun(); in setup to use the coded passwords,usernames and activate all zones.

    Cheers Mysensors Community , the ability do do something like this was only a dream a few years ago.

    I have had to put the sketch on github as it was to large to post on this page. Click on this link to download the sketch from github if you want to check it out. MultiZone Keypad & Password sketch

    keypad front rs.jpg

    keypad back rs.jpg


    keypad_password_lcd_bb.jpg[0_1632398680505_kp1.heic](Uploading 100%)

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