How to get the bad status (red) for Temperature Node

  • Hi to all.
    I need to act in case of my temperature node is not updating the value since time. Practically when the screen shows a "red line" on the upper left side (see below picture), I need to get the bad status and provide an action. I searched on forum with no success. I tried to use ".lastUpdate.minutesAgo" but it seems not to be the right way.
    May someone help me to finde the right parameter to check?


  • @giangired AT domoticz you can send a message to telegram to let you know that the last update is x minuten ago. That is how I know there is something wrong with a sensor.

  • @giangired Perhaps input two values, like dewpoint, temp, humidity, etc, and insert code to calculate and display the desired output?

  • Select temp sensor and click notifications, then:

  • Thanks everyone for the answers. However what I would like to do is create a routine with Dzvents that when I have the "red" indication (as shown in the image) causes a switch to operate which cuts the voltage to a device. The value of ".lastUpdate.minutesAgo" seems not to be the right solution because it continues to be increased in any case, regardless of the temperature value and the status of the "red" or normal indication.

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