And for my next trick , Project I mean m5stamp pico any body playing with these yet ?? Battery operated mp3 unit

  • Cheap units >>> m5stamp pico<<< and seem to be not so power draining , they do have a led but that can be removed to reduce power rain
    Has any body tried programming these to work directly with mysensors ?? might try a Arduino ide compile for esp32
    At present I have dumped Tasmoda firmware standard into one of theses units , and I am using a Model: DY-SV5W mp3 unit
    I am planning on some smd cmos fet transistors on the outputs of the m5stamp to ground certain pins on the DY-SV5W , so that triggers playing different mp3 sound files in the SD card
    A) what I will try,, but would really like to know is if this M5stamp pico can be directly connected to the mysensors network , ?? ( I can see ESP32 boards are supported in audrino IDE???)

    (with tasmoda it connects through a ip to your local wifi network , but with quite a few devices connecting thats a lot of ips taken up)

  • Well managed to program m5stamp pico!!
    looks like its the radio side that needs integrated, I did not hold outmuch chance it would work shame .
    this coupled with some cmos fet transistors could be coupled to a DY-SV5W mp3 unit to play mp3 sounds
    possibly battery powered too
    Oh there seemed to be a problem Board install in Aurino ide , but was resolved by manually copying tools folder to the local tools folder

    Might be down pin assignments for radio , any help there would help

    This could be a great board if it could be integrated as a mysensor node

  • Does anybody know a way of using the internal WiFI on this unit ?? I have programmed it uploaded the standard relay sketch , but on the serial monitor , the debug out put is saying it cannot communicate with the radio , I did try re-assigning the pins to the SPI (softSPI) pins on the m5stamp but with little luck ,

  • @clivec If you look in the MySensors code, wifi is not an option for the radio transport. You'd have to somehow write your own deal for that, and it would likely get really involved.

    ESP32 is supported for a gateway, where the wifi is the backhaul transport, effectively, but you would need a separate radio for the MySensors side of things.

    To use an ESP32 on its own, without a separate radio, you might look into something like This does not allow for interaction with MySensors directly, though. What is your ultimate plan? An ESP32 is very power hungry when on wifi, so it wouldn't work as a battery-powered device very well. They're pretty cheap, and easy to get a hold of, so if you have them plugged into mains power then you could use them alongside a MySensors network. Maybe with something like Home Assistant controlling both and providing a link from one to the other if needed?

    Maybe you haven't been getting much interaction here because it doesn't fit very well with MySensors. I've seen your previous posts, but since I haven't tried to connect any ESP32 devices to the network, I didn't have any input for you. (I prefer my backhaul to be wired, so the ESP32 wifi was a negative, in my book.)

    I mean, I have nothing against ESP32 for other things, but for me it has no place in the MySensors network at all.

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