GSM MQTT gateway. Can we update the TinyGSM library used?

  • Greetings,

    I use a lot of GSM gateways on the MySensors platform. The 2g gsm network in South Africa will be deactivate in the near future. I want to create a gateway using a Simcom Sim7000 or similar chip that include NBIOT. The latest TinyGSM library already caters for this modem. What must happen for MySensors library to use the updated version of TinyGSM?


  • @NielBierman Thank you for pointing out that the latest TinyGSM library also supports more modern GSM chips.

    I don't have a GSM module myself and no experience with it. But it would be good if you could put an issue in the MySensors GitHub repository.

    It would be even better if you could post your solution with the updated TinyGSM library as a pull request to the repository development branch.

    Many thanks - Immo

  • Mod


    The best way is probably to

    1. replace the TinyGSM folder in MySensors with the latest upstream version
    2. try to upload the sketch and see what breaks
    3. Troubleshoot and fix all errors found
    4. go back to step 2 for all supported boards and configuration options
    5. upstream any necessary changes

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