sx1262 and LLCC68 support.

  • hello, i have what might be a stupid question, i see that @NeverDie is testing a lot of different radios and i was wondering if some of those are actually supported by mysensors ? for example does the sx1262 or LLCC68 work with the latest version of my sensors ? are there other lora radios (other than the sx1276/sx1278) that are supported by mysensors ? is any radio using sx1267/sx1268 and spi supported ? for example would the E32-400M30S and E32-900M30S modules from ebyte theoratically work with mysensors ? thanks !

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    Welcome to the forum @isded

    MySensors supports the hoperf rfm9x (95/96/97/98) lora radios.

  • hello ! thank you for your answer ! i have been testing using ra-02 from ai thinker, and it's been working fine, does it work because it uses the same chips as the hoperfm modules ? do you think that for a potential lora home network i should be using hope rfm modules over the ra-02 or the other way around ? are there different pros and cons between the two of them ? would the sheilded ra-02 handle interference better ? thanks !

  • @isded from what is explained in this page it seems it is based on the Semtech SX1278 :

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