Garage port opener..

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    I am planning to mysensoring my two garage port openers, so far I have identified "access points" within the motor control unit, where I can detect when port is opening, when it's closing, and if motor is stopped. I also know how to activate the motor unit.

    Now the question is, how should I report back port states to the controller?

    I could report the state of the port as:

    1 - Open
    2 - Opened (when motor is stopped, after open action)
    3 - Close
    4 - Closed (when motor is stopped, after close action)

    I am planning on putting in a switch on the port, so I know if it's closed completely, or someone just stopped the port midways in some direction.

    However I can't decide what sensor type (S_DOOR?), and which V_type to choose for this?

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    Maybe you should use the S_COVER-device which is meant for shades/ -blinds. It supports V_UP, V_DOWN, V_STOP, V_DIMMER (on Vera at least).

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    Hmm.. does it send V_UP message, with a True value, when moving up, and a V_DOWN message with True value when moving down?

    Should it be reset to false, when it stops moving? (that is when moving up and you have send V_UP with True, you should send a V_UP with a False, and then V_STOP with True?)

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    The UP/DOWN/STOP commands does not contain any payload.

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    Cool! Perhaps you will be the first one to deploy a MySensor-device in a security-sensitive environment. I hope I did not muck up...

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    Actually I didn't plan on using security features at the moment for this one, as we can't lock the garage door anyways. But it might be changed at some point in time.

    Right now, it will only be a proof of concept though, to play around with..