Air conditioning/HVAC control - work in progress

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    Following this instructable, I decided to invest 3$ in a 1000 in 1 remote (

    I ordered two kinds but this one was much better then the other one (i.e it worked 🙂 )

    Soldering to the copper lines the way the kid did in the instructable proved to be problematic (at least for me) and I ended up soldering to the contacts of the pressure sensitive pads. At first I thought to use it without LCD but ended up with it as otherwise I don't know what is the current setting.

    It actually work!!! I can turn my AC on and off!!! a dream comes true!!!
    However, turning it on will bring it to one preset. this is not too bad - I actually want only to heat the bedrooms before kids go there and turn off the ac that they left on....

    Here is a nude photo:
    upload_-1 (7).jpg

    I know there are some sharp eyed people in this forum, so yes, in the photo the remote is just powered by the arduino, i tested first by giving the transistor 5v manually.
    I have ordered 4 more of this remote and will do a cleaner work on the soldering

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    Nice hack. Incredible to get a LCD remote for $3 .