Where do my nodes go?

  • Perhaps a picture is better than my explanation,
    Everything seemed to be here last night but now this is what I have,

    The z wave portion is ok but my sensors area is a mess.

    Screenshot (60).png

    One thing is Phoney TV uses lib 1.4.1and the mysensors plugin is 1.4
    not sure what Sensebender is using for it's library
    I have tried to upgrade the plugin on Chrome but it is still ver 1.4 lib 1.4

  • Admin

    You datamine plugin looks corrupt also.. Try restoring a recent backup... sometimes the flash on Vera makes poo...

  • @hek Maybe there was corruption, I restored to my last backup from computer,
    I have got the most parts running again, but am having problems with Sensebender I cant get it to include again by powering on and off while trying through the plugin.

    Will this require a eprom clear maybe to clear node id.

    If so would I use the code supplied in one of the first posts in the Sensebender thread.

    Just asking as this is a little different from the promins and nanos. At last check the batteries were at 70 % thinking this is enough to allow an include.

    Thanks doug

  • Admin

    Strange, should be enough to re-include it again in Vera (if the device files is missing). It already has an id. Turning it off->on will send the presentation message. What do you see in the gateway debug log while connected to you computer.

    I don't see any point in clearing the eeprom.

  • Well by installing new batteries I was able to re-include the Sensebender board again but with the mother(?) node showing only The last update time and no name, lib, or Ver.

    After that Vera had an internal issue which I required Micsaverdre to reboot(?) my Vera. I will see when Vera is settled but at this point the old batteries were both at 1.45 volts

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