Can't program Arduino Nano Compatible modules

  • I purchased 5 Arduino Nano Compatibles, and can not get my Mac to recognize their presence. I am running a late 2012 mac mini and El Capitan Beta.
    My problem is that the Arduino programmer, and my xBee programmer do not even respond to them. I get a steady bright red POW(er) light and the L light next to it blinks about once per second.

    I have tried connecting three different units and used two known good usb no avail. I have 5 other serial/USB ports in use, all of which work fine.
    Is there a trick to these that I'm missing? As I would be surprised if I got three bad units out of the box.

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    A lot of the clones use a ch340g usb interface chip. Have you downloaded drivers for it:


  • I have the same problem. Did Al's tip work?

  • @ndiwan you can check what kind of usb interface chip your nano clone uses: look at the bottom side of your nano, there should be only one chip. If it is a ch340 you will need the drivers given by Al.

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