trouble with radio on a yellow clone

  • having trouble with the radio on this clone
    So i've purchased a few of these and i always get "failed to init radio"
    when i hook up a blue one
    (one of these)
    the same exact way, it works.

    i just purchased 2 more yellow ones and both of them failed to init radio.
    hook up a blue and it works.
    anyone know what gives with the yellow?

    I did note this in the yellow description. but not sure if that was what my issue is.

    BUONO NANO used C8051F321 as the USB to RS-232 bridge, the FW and driver is same as the USB2SERIAL LIGHT, so after you connect the NANO to USB , you will see “Arduino USB2SERIAL LIGHT” show on the PC.
    The LITE version canceled USB2SERIAL part, to reduce price, some time (like wireless data collection) do not need USB2SERIAL bridge, it’s designed for those application.
    Also BUONO UNO LITE and NANO LITE are good to working with INHAOS RF UART module LC-1000R(321283689088) and LC-1000RU(321283700876).

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    @mvader Might be a 3.3v regulator that's not as good. Do you know what kind of regulator is on the board. Should be on the back side. Have you measured the 3.3v pin to check the voltage?


  • i will measure tonight, but just to rule out voltage, i wired in one of those solder free radio modules. so that should have taken care of the regulation. but i will double check all that tonight.
    it feels like pin out's are not right. but that's just a guess.

  • well how very bizzare..
    thanks @Sparkman for putting me in the right place.
    i measured on the radio itself and it was all over the place but low.
    plugged in a new radio and it worked.
    i think i've been grabbing the same bad radio each time i messed with this.
    well at least now i know they work.

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    @mvader Glad to hear you got it resolved.


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