Having 2 gateways

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    I've been using my serial gateway with Vera lite for awhile now and everything works pretty well.
    I recently installed Domoticz to make some tests and I'd like to create a second gateway to control a second network of sensors.
    This time it will be an ethernet one.

    My question is if this could cause problems with the old network. Do I need to change the configuration before compiling?
    Also, how easy is to change one node from the old network to the new one?
    It's enough just to include it on the new network, or should I erase the node and reprogram it?

    My intention is to migrate the nodes to the new network gradually.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You need to have separate network addresses, or separate RF channels on the networks on the two gateways. Which also means that you have to recompile and upload new sketches to the sensors as you move to the other GW.

    Another option is to use node-red as midleware, have node-red talk to your mysensors network, and then have vera and domoticz talk with node-red. Some hints are in http://forum.mysensors.org/topic/1965/nodered-injected-between-domoticz-and-mysensors, at least for the domoticz part.

    For vera you need to create a socat serial to network socket.. I have heard of others having this setup, so they can use both Vera and Domoticz at the same time for the same nodes.

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