Send comands just once?

  • Hello guys,
    I recently build an light sensor(simple photocell) that reports outside/sun light . Then i set a scene on vera that "when light is below 10lux "all my fibaro shutter modules close my shutters. That light sensors update light value each 5 minutes .

    This night i hear for 2 times my fibaro actuators try to shutoff again the closed shutter (relay from module did a tik tak) ,but because shutters have mecanical stop embedded it didn't move.

    My question is : its normal vera scene send the same comand again each 5 minutes (or random,i don't shore) if that condition its already performed? or i can define some kind of run only once?

  • Looks like as the sensor is receiving that value, the scene is runs again. I'd think that will be reviewed in cycles based on the lua engine (just a guess). Why 2 times and not every XX minutes? no idea, sorry.

    Maybe you just need to tweak the scene to not to run when the shutter is down (?).

    my 2 cents 🙂

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    @Tmaster said:

    simple photocell

    These sensors are analog and you probably threshold them to distinguish light from dark, right?
    Could it be that noise on the reading sends some alternating dark/light readings after eachother, causing the Vera to think it has to close the blinds multiple times?
    A simple solution could be to add hysteresis to the sensor readout. E.g. if threshold value you determined is 100, then say it's dark when value gets below 90 and decide its light when it gets above 110. Inbetween you keep the previous value.
    Effectively this would require the readout to change by at least 20 increments (110-90) before it's seen as a change of light level.

    My 2 (Euro) cents 😉

  • mysensor sends each 5 minutes the light value. IF value less than 10 is night and shutters closes. if by miss read from sensor value goes above 10 all shuters will open. that never happens during the night,so its not a miss value from mysensors light sensor.

    what is happening is someting on vera scene! for example i have an notification set for, when temperature from water in solar panel is less than 35ºC send notification from vera to my android cellphone .Some nights it sends 5 times the same alert.
    Its normal send this alarm so many times if temperatures was already LESS than 35ºC?

    it happens the same with light and temperature... values updated from sensors each 5 minutes .

  • Its solved just by use an application called "day or night" from RichardTSchaefer( pleg guy) and the it only send values once(when night comes). If the sensor (mysensor) is made to send an value each 5minutes or so, vera random accept this value like if it's new, although its the same value as before. Ex:Like an notification when temperature is less than 35ºC, if i sensor sends 50 times and temp. keeps decreasing , during the night in 5minutes interval, 3 or 4 times i receive notifications saying : temp less than 35c...

    It how vera works, but i don't know why...

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