Nano vs uno

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    Please help. I have been working with the relay sketch and uploaded to the nano and had no problem. That is the first image.

    Then uploaded to the uno and could not get it to work. The second image is the serial output.

    Domotiz detects the sensor perfect on the nano, but not the uno. Am I missing something

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    In the second the sensors does not recieve a nodeID from your controller.
    Maybe you can watch the gw during this discover process and see if its the radiotraffic not getting to the gw.

    Many times its a power problem if the radio fails... might be different power ratings from your uno/nano and thats why its not working,

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    It's trying to find a parent, request for nodeID comes after that, I think. But seems like a radio comm issue, all the same. There are three failed sends even for the Nano in the first image.

    Try adding a capacitor to the radio.
    Try a different radio.
    Try a different power source for the radio.
    I guess the problem could be on either end also, or can we rule that out somehow?

  • You could try to enter the node id in your sketch instead of asking the controller for a node id. Maybe clearing you EEPROM first will help too.


    (190 is just an example of an id)

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    It's not requesting node id. It's looking for its parent, internal message type 7. Node id request is type 3.

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    Sometimes clearing the EEPROM helps: