UI7 and Mysensors - lots of problems

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm developing smart home with MySensors 1.5 + Ethernet controller + Vera Edge UI7. Vera Edge is always up-to-dated. I can always ping Ethernet gateway and it's recognized by UI7. Yes, all nodes wided via LE33ACZ with capacitor.
    Unfortunatelly I have lots of problems with my implementation:

    • Inclusion with AUTO parameter doesn't work, I have to assign nodeID manually, only after that UI7 starts recognizing new nodes. Clearing EEPROM sometimes help but in most cases doen'tg
    • Inclusion is always unpredicted process. Sometimes UI7 adds all presented sensors, sometimes partially. In many cases UI7 can add "Arduino Node" and "Repeater Node" but it's not systematically.
    • When I delete node from UI7 - it can't forget it untill I reboot UI7.

    Because of all of these I feel that the system is really buggy and unstable, I can't trust it.
    Is it because of UI7 which lots of people don't like? How to trace the problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • Admin

    You should start investigating the logs of nodes and/or repeaters. If you see a lot of st=fail it indicates problems in the communication (on the reciving side).

    Usually indicates you have to tweak capacitor size and/or power source.

    As for UI7, it has been buggy/unstable since launch. I still haven't dared to install it on my "production" system@home. But I guess things starts to clear up for them and things starts to become better with each Vera-fw release?!

    The plugin is quite simple so much couldn't get wrong there.. But I've also noticed that removed devices doesn't clear up correctly until reboot sometimes (vera bug). The MySensors id's (for un-used deleted devices) are definitely only released after reboot.

  • Thanks for your reply. Today I've got KORAD KA3005D power supply (listed in Store section), powered test node with 5.5V and everything seems to work well and stable. Before that I powered test nodes from different power souces starting from USB power supplies ending to 12V power adapters.
    I need to test all once again to make futher conclusions.

  • @hek I am seeing a lot of st=fail on my nodes. I have added a 4.7uF capacitor between ground and VCC but that did not help. What should I try next? a bigger capacitor? I am using an iphone wall charger as power source.


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