include a sensor a second time?

  • Hi,

    while experimenting with Vera, UI7 and MySensors I have included a temperature sensor with a Dallas DS1820 sensor.
    Since it didn't give me any temperature values I wanted to deinstall it and then include it again.
    So I removed the device (actually three devices: one called "Arduino Node", one Voltage which appears as "Multimeter" and the actual temp sensor). When I tried to reinclude it the device was not found. When changing the sensor's internal
    NODE_ID to a fresh unused number that worked again. So first question: how can I remove a device from Vera UI7 completely, that is including the "used up" NODE_ID?

    And how can I make the sensor work 😉 as re-including didn't help with my original problem?


  • Admin

    Reset Vera. It sometimes caches stuff..

  • Reset Vera means reconfigure everything again right?

  • Admin

    No, just cut the power and let it reboot.

  • Isn't it rebooting-like every day like 3 am or something like that ?? (I think I saw something like that somewere or just need to sleep little more :$ )

  • Admin

    Yes, true, it does. Interesting way of solving unstableness of a product BTW 😉

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