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  • Hello!

    since a couple of years I am using IP-Symcon in order to control my house.
    Now, I stumbled over MySensors. The first sensors, actors and a gateway are up'n'going. Out of question, I want to use my ip-symcon as MySensor controller, too. First steps are done and I can see climate, control relays and RGB stripes from the existing webfront. Therefore I wrote a script, which handles the communication with an ethernet gateway. When a Sensor sends it's presentation message, the script automatically creates variables in the ip-symcon variable tree. And here the problem starts. Ip-symcon is using bool, int, float or string. It seems, that serial API doesn't define the expected variable type?! I mean, for a few sub types it seems to be more or less obvious (eg. V_STATUS should be bool), but most of the others??? Ones the first set msg drops in, it becomes more clear, but that's not straight forward, imho.
    As well, how can I know, if a sensor child can also be written or not?
    How do other controllers handle this? Or am I just missing something?

    Regards and thanks for the amazing work done so fare,


  • Admin

    Hi @mibu, welcome here!

    The most problematic once is V_VARx which could hold any of the types you mention. I suggest you store it as a string. As it's mostly used for re-fetching from the node.

    Couldn't you store all the numeric values as a float?

    If you have problem deciding for something else, get back to me.

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