MYSensors inclusion not working

  • Hi all,
    I had my serial gw and smart outlet working fine for the last month or so (my first projects) and I decided to solder my gw together so it would be permanent rather than loosely wired with jumpers. I also included the LEDs on PINs 4-6 that had not been there before but basically the setup is exactly the same as I had before. I uploaded the new serial gw sketch with the only difference being I uncommented the LED part in myconfig.h first. I also deleted my MySensors plugin and smart outlet devices in Vera thinking I would start fresh with the whole network (my experience is Vera doesn't like updates to devices and its just best to redo it all). I reinstalled the MySensors plugin (the gw) and it seemed to take just fine (and yes I reset the serial port configuration). However, when I try the inclusion process it seems like nothing is happening. Both 'start' and 'stop' buttons are grayed out unless you hover over them which causes them to turn green, which seems correct, but if you click on 'start' nothing seems to happen. As soon as you move the mouse off it goes back to gray and there is no indication that anything is happening. I don't recall exactly what is supposed to happen but I thought I recalled some sort of indication that it is looking for a device or at the very least after a certain amount of time without finding anything it would stop looking and give you some sort of indication that it had stopped, but I get nothing. Anybody have any idea why this would be and what I can do to try to get the inclusion process up and running again?
    Thanks much!

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    I have seen some issues with gateways and leds having problems.
    Search and you will find - dont know the status, but I had it myself some ago and changed leds to 7,8,9 and that works fine.

    Edit: Sorry, dont know if i read to fast and missunderstood your problem.

  • Thanks for the advice. I ended up troubleshooting my wiring and figured out the problem. I was getting 3.3V on the nano pin but the wire to the radio was only at 1.1V. A little resolder at the 3.3V pin fixed the issue, must have been a loose connection. The LEDs immediately lit up and the inclusion process worked perfectly, so I am back up and running! Time for my next project...