Plant automation, Soil moisture and watering with pump?

  • I want to try to build an automated watering "system" for my plants. But when reading about the soil moisture sketch I have noticed that there has been alot of talk of electrolysis and that the soil sensors will corrode and stop working. I have also noticed that there is another sketch in the development-branch witch alternates power to prevent this happening.

    But my question is, is it possible to alternate power using cheap ebay moisture sensors? I have both regular 2pin moisture sensors with sensorboard with VCC/GND/A0/D0 and some funduino moisture sensor that have components directly on the sensor and have pins with +-and S.

    Second question is how do I add a pump to the sketch? I have a small 5-12v pump, mosfets, and diodes. But how do I connect them and how do would that sketch look like?

    I thought this would be something that I could find in the build section but I have not found any more sketch than the soil moisture sketch witch I guess have the electrolysis problem.