Conditional group visibility

  • hi again,

    I was wondering if is there any way I can create groups that will show based on conditions.

    For example, I have an Input Selector for the Home Mode ( tipical Home, Away, etc. ) but also have others that will complete that with how I want it to behave, good example is the one in the help section:

    I'm at Home with Visitors.

    How can I hide, a group based on what is selected on that one?

    thanks in advance.

    PS: Any preference on where can we drop ideas as a potential new features instead of here? or here is a good place?

  • Plugin Developer


    I'm not sure about the group. Have you tried asking on gitter or the home assistant forum?

    If you have mysensors related ideas for home assistant, post them in this category here. Other ideas regarding home assistant can be put forward as issues on github.

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