Repeater node not picking up?

  • Hello all,

    I recently moved my outside temp/humidity sensor from the front of the house to the back and noticed that the radio is not strong enough to go through the whole house from the new location so I created a repeater node which I placed inside the house literally just in front of the outside sensor, just with the wall in between.

    When I boot the repeater node, I can see it present itself to the gw, but the only way for me to see the sensor node is to boot it from within the gw range.

    I have forced the ID on both the repeater node (252) and the sensor node (21, the ID it gets from the gw when booted with auto id mode), and I still cannot get the sensor data.

    Any idea?


    ** EDIT ** I tried forcing the parent ID and literally put the two boxes on top of each other and no luck, seems like the repeater is not doing anything but presenting itself...

    Also, using MS1.5

  • Well, turns out it was defective hardware... I replaced both the arduino and the comm module and all works well!

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