Vera Plus compatibility

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    I just upgraded from a Vera 3 running UI5 to a Vera Plus running UI7. All MySensors devices connected to the Vera 3 via a USB serial gateway transferred correctly. I used the MIOS recommended Upgrade from Vera 2, Vera 3 or VeraLite running UI5 to VeraEdge upgrade procedure. The only hitch was that the backup/restore step also copied the USB serial port device associated with the serial gateway on my vera 3 to the vera plus however the definition was incorrect. I disassociated the Arduino Gateway plugin (AKA MySensors plugin) from the errant serial port so I was prompted to associate a new port with it. Once I associated the correct USB port, the plugin connected to the gateway and all devices worked. To keep things clean, I removed the incorrect USB port device using a luup request.

    Bottom-line, fear-not about MySensors compatibility if you want to upgrade to a Vera Plus.

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    I'm also moving over to a VeraPlus from a UI5 VeraLite and since I really need to clean things up I chose to move the stuff over manually one thing at a time. I'm now at a point where I have moved everything except the z-wave devices. My MySensors system is already moved and everything seems to be working correctly using an Ethernet GW.

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    Now half way on moving z-wave devices, so far so good. Only issue I have has with the VeraPlus is that it seems like the server at home(dot)getvera(dot)com is a bit overloaded so the connection is lost from time to time.


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