Serial Gateway stops updating after a few minutes.

  • I have a VeraLite on the latest UI7 release with the 1.5 MySensors library. Built a Serial Gateway with Arduino Nano (FTDI) and have that seeming connected and operating. I then built a Humidity sensor and can include that. I get about 3 updates at the normal 1 minute interval then nothing. So for example this morning, I got updates at 9:38, 9:39 and 9:40 then all I see is: Last Update:09:40 AM for the rest of the day.

    If I reset either the gateway or sensor nothing changes. If I click Reload Engine on the VeraLite, I'll get the next 3 updates then nothing.

    I don't think it's a radio/comm issue as I've left the sensor and gateway running on my PC with the IDE Serial Monitor showing the gateway output and it's reading data from the sensor every minute for as long as I leave it running.

    I've also tried adding the 3 status LEDs to the gateway and have enabled the WITH_LEDS_BLINKING flag, but I get no LED activity. I know the LEDs work as I tested them with a modified Blink sketch.

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    What radio type are you using? How is it powered? Did you a a capacitor?

  • nRF24L01 radios, same brand on both nanos. Used a 47uF cap on the gateway and a 4.7uF cap on the sensor. I have the radio powered off the 3V3 pin on the nano. I think the comms are fine as the gateway seems to be receiving data updates from the sensor if I have the gateway plugged into my PC, it'll report temperature and humidity updates every minute for as long as it's connected to the PC serial monitor.

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    And when connected to Vera you feed it through the USB port only? You could tryadding a powered USB hub.. might help.

  • @hek Yes, had been running off the Vera USB only w/ a 2-port passive hub. Added a powered hub and it started updating again and has run for about 10 minutes now. Will see if it stays up for the rest of the day.

    UPDATE1: I guess I didn't wait long enough, I got about half a dozen updates then the last update time froze again.

    UPDATE2: OK, I think I must have messed up the sensor, I got it running again and updates have been going for 10 minutes now.

    Still getting no status LED activity on the gateway. I have the 3 LEDs on pins 4, 5, 6 and 5V and the WITH_LEDS_BLINKING flag set. I saw a comment on the source code:

    // This feature enables LEDs blinking on message receive, transmit
    // or if some error occured. This was commonly used only in gateways,
    // but now can be used in any sensor node. Also the LEDs can now be
    // disabled in the gateway.

    Is this disable something that's in the device in Vera or someplace else?

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    If it works fine for a longer period when connected to you computer it still feels like a powering issue. You're using the none amplified "vanilla" NRF-radio right?
    Did you try replacing it in case of some hardware issue?

    You connected LEDs according to this (with resistors)?

    Then it should be enough to enable it here:

  • @hek Yes, the plain vanilla radio, non-amplified. Have not swapped radios but it seems to be more stable now that the powered hub is being used.

    Have the 3 LEDs with resistors (390ohm) connected to pins 4,5,6 and common to 5V. Have tested with the blink sketch (modified) and that works fine, can blink all 3 LEDs on the same Nano I'm running the gateway on. Have uncommented line 59 and also tried the inverted mode but still see no LED activity.

  • With the powered hub, the serial gateway has been running for a few weeks now w/o issue, also built a humidity/temperature sensor for testing the gateway and all is working well. Posted a couple of videos on YouTube about the build:
    Building a Working MySensors Serial Gateway – 09:56
    — R Brown

  • I added what I call a "self-powered" USB hub on my VeraLite. This 4-port hub is powered off the Vera's 12VDC power plug so there are no extra power bricks or cords to deal with. Video below:

    This in itself saves a few watts of power that would have been used by the separate wall wart for the hub (about 20KWH/year savings!). Ultimate goal for my Vera is to place it on my solar battery bank running off 12VDC power.


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