Vera status not updating after 1.4 upgrade

  • Hi,

    After moving to 1.4 my sensors appear to be working correctly however the status on the vera does not change. Ie my blind sensor is closed however the vera always displays an open icon. Same issue with my relay/lights vera always shows them as off.

    Any ideas ? I have restarted everything, re-uploaded all the vera plugins and also recreated the mysensors plugin.



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    So when you click on the buttons in Vera, it activates/deactivates the device,(works as expected) but the Vera UI does not reflect that change?

  • @ServiceXp

    This is correct. I think the only thing i haven't tried is a factory reset on the vera. This was working on 1.3

  • Admin


    Factory reset wont help. Can you see if transmissions from your sensor is failing?
    Connect your relay-actuator to your computer and activate debug mode (MyConfig.h) and check the Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE.

  • I think the problem was my local Arduino IDE. I deleted everything, re-downloaded the 1.4 sensor libraries and rebuilt a few sensors. The new sensors now update the status on my vera correctly.

  • the same problem. transmission from sensor to gateway works. But i can not see any LED blinks when sensor sends a presentation.

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