Door sensor reed switch delay

  • This is my first attempt at a home automation system. I have a working serial gateway plugged into a Raspi B+ running Domoticz. I have made a couple of door sensors and experimented with a relay. Pretty good so far but there's a significant delay, about 5 seconds on the reed sensor node, between changing state and domoticz registering.

    For example, I open the sensor, 5 seconds later domoticz says it is open. This wouldn't be so bad but it isn't just a delay. If I open the sensor for, say, 3 seconds and close it. Domoticz doesn't show open 5 seconds later, then closed 3 seconds after that. It simply doesn't register at all.

    I don't know about you, but I'm sure that especially on a cold day, I can open the door, enter, and close it within 5 seconds. In which case it would never register.

    Is there any way I could reduce this delay?

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    @rickybee It depends what you're definition is of the delay. If you're meaning that the web page responds 5 seconds after the door opens or closed. Than you shouldn't worry. The domotica web interface is designed to give visual notification with a delay. This was done to ensure backend performance.

    But if you define rules. e.g. turn a lamp on when a door opens, that should respond almost immediately. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Theol, following your comment I went back and did some more tests. Opening the sensor for a couple of seconds and closing it again the web interface showed no change. However, when I checked the log it does show the 2 second event.
    So, when you check the log while on vacation it is going to show all the events no matter how quickly someone rushed in the door and closed it.