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    I have a room where z-wave used to work... but not anymore, that is also blind to nrf24l01+ .

    Has anyone some idea how to test reception / signal strength so I can find a way out (so bad it is in the same room as my gas and electricity meter...)

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    The NRF doesn't provide any RSSI value unfortunately.

    Crazy idea: Maybe you can tune in your wifi network on the same channel as the NRF and place wifi-router at the location of your MySensors gateway. While checking with a laptop or something in the utility room.

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    @hek said:

    The NRF doesn't provide any RSSI value unfortunately.

    this is what somehow I thought of, is there a possibility to have a mysensors over HTTP ?
    maybe something like this in the next room... or have a pi receiving the data ?

    no idea how to handle that for the Z-wave...

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    How about using an ethernet gateway in that room, could that be a solution?

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    @mfalkvidd sadly 1960's houses have no floor to cave wiring spaces ;('

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    Since z-wave is a different frequency band (not sure where you are, but 908.4Mhz in the US), you may have a wideband interference source. The easiest way to troubleshoot and possibly find the source would be with an inexpensive RTL-SDR.

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