ESP8266 MySensors Gateway stop working after sometime !!!

  • I built a wifi gateway with ESP8266 and connected to my vera edge . then added mysensors and all of devices is correct and working true . but sometime the gateway is failure (without reason!) and I should be to reboot my vera...
    after reboot will work again.
    but I dont know why my gateway failure sometime !
    failure means that my relays and my sensors are on , but there is not any connect to my vera and no report from sensors and no reactions for relays....
    I use a static IP for my vera and a static IP for my gateway , also I use a 1A power supply for my gateway.

  • Who has my same problem? with ethernet gateway or wifi gateway ?!

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    @Reza Hi my friend.

    I had the same problem. For me adding the capacitor closer to the radio solved it.

  • @TheoL said:

    I had the same problem. For me adding the capacitor closer to the radio solved it.

    hi my dear theol
    I used a 4.7µF capacitor for radio from the beginning but there is this problem...

  • also I used a NRF24L01+PA+LNA for gateway and used NRF24L01+ for other devices.
    for all I used 4.7µF capacitor

  • oh
    in site said use a 47µF capacitor ! but I wrong and use 4.7µF . is that my problem ? if I use 47µF will be solve my problem ?

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    @Reza I use 4.4 uF works like a charm. Do you power the radio with the large antenna from the Arduino??? Might be worth powering it not directly from the Arduino

  • @TheoL
    I use a NRF24L01+PA+LNA without anntena. and i use a 5V 1A power for nodemcu and radio is connect to nodemcu module.
    But i think problem is related to wifi communication .
    look at pics ! NRF networks dont have problem , problem related to wifi network !
    is my setting correct ?

    😞 pics can not upload now !
    so in vera dashborad and devices my gateway is "Can't Detect Device(red)"
    so i think related to wifi network . do i change gateway setting?