Mailbox sensor (Arduino pro mini + NRF24L01+) Luup code?

  • Hi everyone!

    I´m finished with my sensor and got it to work in vera edge with the serial gateway.

    I also use sonos plugin for this that tells me when I have mail.

    Now I got to the point when I need some new luup code, (I think?)

    Because, I don`t want my sonos to tell me that I got mail at night for example. ( I know I can set this in vera, but I think there is a better way?)

    I don`t use modes in my vera yet, so that is not an option.

    Is someone have a smart idea of what I can do to make this good?

    I got mail around 12.30-16.00.


  • Admin

    I use a PLEG condition like this: "MailboxOpened AND (09:00:00; NOW; 22:00:00)"

  • @hek

    Have you set the sensor for different modes like away and home etc.?

    If I get a message that I have mail and I go out and take the mail, then it will say that I have mail again...

    What could PLEG do that Vera UI7 can`t?

  • Admin

    1. No

    I haven't moved to UI7 so I couldn't say.