Multiple Relays Spanned Across Nodes

  • Hello All -
    I ran in to an interesting issue over the weekend that I'm hoping I can get some help with.

    I have two identical nodes/sensors. Each Arduino has a water pulse meter and a relay (to control an actuator/valve).

    I used the same forloop logic found in the relay example at:

    However, the relay was not discovered/added by Vera on the second node. The only way I could get it to include was if I started the forloop with sensor=2. This will give the first relay on the second node an ID of "2". This seemed like an odd necessity to me as it was coming from a different sensor/node.

    Is this expected behavior?

    for (int sensor=2, pin=RELAY_1; sensor<=NUMBER_OF_RELAYS;sensor++, pin++) {
    // Register all sensors to gw (they will be created as child devices)
    gw.present(sensor, S_LIGHT);
    // Then set relay pins in output mode
    pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);
    // Set relay to last known state (using eeprom storage)
    digitalWrite(pin, gw.loadState(sensor)?RELAY_ON:RELAY_OFF);

    All is well and both nodes are up and functioning. It just seemed like an ugly way to handle this situation and could cause trouble down the road as I add relays/sensors.

  • Any thoughts? It's working OK with this hack but will not scale if I start adding more (10+) relays.

  • Admin

    Are you sure you hadn't previously deleted a device with the same id/child id?

    Vera sometimes keeps deleted devices in some hidden cache which is not cleared until you hard-reboot the box. If you try to add a new device with the same id it won't succeed until this cache is cleared.

  • @hek I've rebooted several times over the past few days while working on other sensors. However, your idea sounds valid.

    So you're saying that I should be able to have multiple sensors running the example relay sketch on my network without issue, correct?

    This should be fine because each individual node/arduino gets it's own ID so the relays on each Arduino should not conflict with its neighbors.