Is Arduino is a good choice for mysensors ?

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    I have a question
    I've heard AVR microcontrollers have Lots of noise . and Use them only in a lab environment
    so , is that true we use arduino for mysensors in home and office and. . . ? Especially sensitive areas such as security ?
    have any body idea for this issue? for The elimination of noise

    Why not designed mysensors with ARM ?

    thank you

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    I don't know about which noise?? lot of microcontrollers can make noise, not only avr..but they are already known to work pretty well in lot of products.

    maybe I'm wrong, but I think mysensors has been started on avr arduino. for multiple reason like opensource, 8bit avr can do a lot of tasks and easier to learn for noob etc I guess...
    ARM is not the same thing, and are pretty new in arduino. When in 8bit, you have to set 1 or 2 registers, in arm it can be more for the same task, but more flexibility for instance. hopefully arduino hide most of this. but that's just an example.

    btw, mysensors dev has already some support for arm m0 atmel (like zero) πŸ™‚ you're right, now, with arm price, we may see more arm projects. but I still think that, for a simple low power sensor, or a basic reed switch...8bit is largely enough, my thought πŸ˜‰

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    @Reza what kind of noise and which rumors are you referring to?

  • @scalz thank you for explain .
    i don't speak about data rate .
    this topic is about noise , i have a few information about types of noise . but i have heard there are 2 type of noise . 1-electrical noise ,2-magnetic noise
    i have heard this type of microcontroller (avr) have most of noise .
    thank you

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    Do you have some references to this noise issue?

    Any papers, etc that proves the theory