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    As promised in my posting "Weathercock" / weather comfort station a more techie version of a similar thing. It display the wind direction/ gust and history on a WS2812b 24 led ring. And as an extra shows the actual weather data on an LCD display. A local temp/hum sensor measures the inside comfort indicators.


    A pushbutton lets the display browse through all the weather data and weather sources (Controller or "node to node" with a long press).

    The ring shows:

    • Bright LED and opposite 2 "tail" LEDs - wind direction and current gust (in rainbow colors)
    • Blue LEDs - cardinal wind directions (N, W, S, E)
    • (now) Green LEDs - the wind gust history (rainbow colors) in all directions for the last hour.

    This functionality pushed the capability of the Atmega328 (and mine/ my patience) to its limits...But I would love to get some feedback on possible improvements (including aesthetics)

    And the back/ inside:
    A little messy semi breadboard setup with main components:

    Next to its moving "Weathercock" friend who didn't like its picture taken and showed his back :


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    @AWI excellent! I have something looking a bit like this!! I will show you soon, maybe that will give your some ideas 😉 btw nice integration 🙂

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