DS18B20 temp sensor overheat

  • So I've been trying to get the standard dallas temp sensor to work like it is mentioned here https://www.mysensors.org/build/temp but for some reasen and 2 times in a row I've probably overheated and killed the Dallas sensor, hopefully the Arduino Pro Mini board survived.
    I connect pull-up resistor between right leg and middle leg, VCC 5V from one of the VCC points on my Arduino to the right leg of DS18B20 and then GND from Arduino to left leg on DS18B20, and middle leg to "D3" on Arduino.

    I am using a 5V Arduino clone, I've connected the 5v supply (just the +5v and GND from my FTDI based USB to TTL level serial programmer which is also set to 5v with jumper)

    I can't understand why the dallas sensor overheats, it gets so warm it melted the plastic parts of the connectors on the dupont cables I used to connect the sensor to.

    Do anyone have a clue to what is going on?

    [Edit] I've noticed that a few people mention that if you connect it wrong like VCC on GND pin and GND to VCC pin then it will get VERY hot, I will try to do this, even though I always connected it with flat side facing me then left, middle and right pin, like it is described in the guide. Who knows maybe the chip is a fake one and they messed up the pins.