Verisure home alarm status as home/away switch

  • I am trying to get the status of my Verisure alarm system, but the API requires HTTPS login.
    The only two workaround methods I have figured out so far are:

    1. Monitor the "SmartPlug" that can be configured to turn on or off according to the alarm status
    2. Request the alarm status information for the web site with two HTTPS requests

    The option 2 would be nice, but I am stuck with the HTTPS requests from Vera3 scene LUUP code.
    Not sure if that is even possible. The status page requires first a login HTTPS request and the session tokens to be stored and another HTTPS request to retrieve the actual alarm status.

    Any ideas how to implement the HTTPS requests? Do I need to create a "device" and does that provide better access to SSL libraries like LuaSec? Would that help?

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