Connecting NRF24L01+ to Arduino ProMini

  • Hello,
    The documentation of the NRF24L01+ calls for pins CE to be connected to Pin 9 of the Pro Mini, and SCK to Pin 13 of the Pro Mini, and IRQ to Pin 2.

    Yet the simple transmit/receive sketches in the RF24 library calls for CE to be connected to Pin 7 of the Pro Mini, and CSN to Pin 8 of the Pro Mini. IRQ is not used.

    Also, IRQ in the sketch is NOT used, whereas IRQ is connected to Pin 2 of the Pro Mini in the NRF2L01+ documentation.

    I trying to get the simple sketch working. Should I go with the documentation in the Sketch code?

    Is the another sketch with uses the Pins as shown in the NRF24L01+ documentation?


  • I used the CE=9, SCK=13, and IRQ=2 wiring. These are the ones that the MySensors library is set up to use. You can define nearly any pin for any of the nRF24 lines, it is just how you define it in your sketch. For MySensors, these are pre-defined in the library. The CE=7, CSN=8 from the RF24 samples is just how they wired it for their example.

    As for your question on the IRQ line, I am a real noob to MySensors, but some of the reading I was doing was saying that for most things, the IRQ line is not used. I don't know if there are devices that actually use the IRQ line, but I can't imagine they would put it there if it didn't have a purpose.

  • Thanks much, I got it working. Changed the sketch to use Pins 9 & 10...

    It works without IRQ. I think this Pin can be used to wake up the Arduino... My project does not require that.

    Onward to test the distance I'm getting between the radios.

    Thanks again.


  • @y4CdW42Ol8 IRQ is not used by MySensors library