💬 In Wall AC/DC Pcb (with Relay) for MySensors (SMD)

  • Hello. Please write size of the device in the box.

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    @vladimir The PCB is 50x36 cm.

  • @sundberg84 Please tell me, how you can connect a maximum output devices into an outlet controlled by the relay? As I understand it, it will not sustain even the kettle?
    I apologize in advance for the stupid question, I'm not good at electronics.

  • @vladimir , you are correct, in that you can only connect a load that is less than the rating of the relay's, or you can cause damage. Realistically what you would do is use this unit for lighting where the load required can be calculated and won't really change, or if you were using it for a switch, you would need to have some kind of labelling noting that it was only for a maxmium xxxW output.

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    @vladimir - yep, and for protection there is a fuse.
    Maximum for the G3MC-202PL is 2 A at 100 to 240 VAC

  • Cool design! Could you post the dimensions including box and relay?
    I understand one can update firmware through the MYSX connector?

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    @ragflyer - Thank you!

    I suggest using the ISCP to update firmware. There isnt any DTR (to reset) on the MysX (this design - its coming next revision).
    The box is 56mm wide and 43mm deep and the height is 24.6mm
    Uncluding the SSR relay sticking out its 29mm height.

  • Hi sundberg84,
    what's the status of this great project? can I produce the PCB? I want use this for sopstitute my current X10 plant based on around 20 micro module.
    only one question, I need to control light also by a traditional switch (momentary button) where a can connect the normal switch, A1 or A2 to GND is OK? in my case can be lot of distance from the node to switch, in some case more them 4 meters and the wire for control switch run in a same pipe to grid linee, can this plant create interference? what do you think to insert one optical cupolaed?

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    @fra290 - Hi!
    Status is that I have just received the updated new PCB and are planning to test them... but havent had the time.
    I have updated openhardware.io with 7.1 which is the latest and the one im testing.

    You can download the gerber or eagles files and manufacture.
    I have also made a request for the pcbhouses to add 7.1 so you can buy them from openhardware.io

    Its small revisions and I dont think there should be any major issues with 7.1

  • @sundberg84 Thanks for sharing this. I'm gathering the components and plan to build it soon when the PCB v7.1 is available.

    I do have a few questions if I may

    • with the Relay, is it important to have one that has zero crossover? E.g the difference between getting the G3MC-202PL over a G3MC-202P
    • what were you planning to use the 16Mhz oscillator for eventually?
    • do you see any issues if I build the first prototype using an ESP-12 (ESP8266 with onboard Serial WiFi running at 3.3v)?

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    1. It must depend on what you are planning to connect to the relay
    2. The oscillator is for the MCU - you can program a bootloader without it and use the internal.
    3. No issue - please do! Im glad i can make stuff that gets the community forward. Best of luck!

  • @sundberg84 said:

    It must depend on what you are planning to connect to the relay

    It would use it to switch on and off an external mounted lamp - so with a fixed Watt & Voltage. Probably an LED 220V Lamp. Should I avoid zero-crossover as I've read somewhere that zero-crossover can cause a surge current of perhaps 10 to 40 times the steady state current when switched on.

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    @Paul-Derbyshire - sorry, to be hones i missunderstood you.
    Most SSR sold for arduino are P and not PL it seems.

    "The light from the diode is beamed into a light-sensitive semiconductor that, in the case of zero-voltage crossover relays, conditions the control circuit to turn on the output solid-state switch at the next zero-voltage crossover. In the case of nonzero-voltage crossover relays, the output solid-state switch is turned on at the precise voltage occurring at the time."

  • hi, just an idea, do you think it is possible to add a current sensor to the PCB in order to add a power meter function to the node to monitor power consumption? say up to 20A

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    @Jose-Simoes - no clue about current sensors... sorry I just cant answer that at the moment.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sundberg84 -hey, i was meaning something like the ACS712 Module, but add the ic to the PCB for better integration.

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    @Jose-Simoes said in 💬 In Wall AC/DC Pcb (with Relay) for MySensors (SMD):


    Well, to safe space and meet my goal to be able to have it so small so it fits inside a wallsocket i have excluded all sensors and included the MysX connector. This way every user can add their own sensor.

  • Hi, @sundberg84
    I'm really interested in this module. Maybe stupid question, but I'm very new with openhardware and would like to understand: if I will go and buy through the link provided (10xPCB for 15$), will I receive already assembled unit with all the parts, or I have to go and buy parts and assemble it myself?
    Thanks & Regards

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    @Justas Hello,

    yes you have to buy parts and assemble them yourself. 1.5$ by PCB is cheap, you can't have the components for this price 😉





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