Changing baudrate to 57600 in VeraUI7 [SOLEVD]

  • Re: [SOLVED] 8MHz Gateway : node not receiving any data

    I'm trying to change the baudrate in vera to 57600.

    In the arduino lib files (MyConfig.h) I changed it to 57600, and uploaded the Serial Gateway to the Nano I have. Iv'e connected it to VeraEdge and went to change the baudrate on the Apps->Develop apps->Serial Port configuration
    After saving it say's on the device to Change to baudrate to 115200, if I do so it doesn't communicate with the gateway (well it make sense, since it works now on 57600)

    Any ideas?

  • Admin

    You have to edit the .lua plugin file to get rid of the warning.

  • OK.
    tnx. found it... now i'll try...

  • Do I need the remove the mySensors plugin device from devices or just update the lua file?

  • Work fine, I have changed the lib myconfig.h file and the lua file.
    Removed MySensors plugin device from devices, updated the lua file on Vera.
    Reloaded engine, Plugged the arduino serialGateway back again.
    and flowed insturcations of Adding SerialGateWay again.
    Work fine, however I still have issues with Gateway to recognize devices and reading and sending info to devices
    I guess its a matter of power to the NRF24 radio, altough I use capasitor in between the 3.3v and gnd from the Nano, I think it's not enough.

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