Changing baudrate to 57600 in VeraUI7

  • Hey,
    I'm trying to change the baudrate in vera to 57600.

    In the arduino lib files (MyConfig.h) I changed it to 57600, and uploaded the Serial Gateway to the Nano I have. Iv'e connected it to VeraEdge and went to change the baudrate on the Apps->Develop apps->Serial Port configuration
    After saving, My sesndors plugin device on Vera requsting me to Change the baudrate to 115200, if I do so it doesn't communicate with the gateway (well it make sense, since it works now on 57600).

    I went back to 115200 on gateway and it came back to communicate with Vera.

    Any ideas?

  • Mod

    If anyone has any ideas, please reply in this thread:

    @leeoz please do not post the same question multiple times. It wastes people's time.

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