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  • @hek when I run the pressure sensor on arduino mini I just get rubbish on the serial monitor why will this be the case? When I compile the sketch it gives me a warning about low memory and this can cause stability problems. However the sketch still compiles. Do you think this will be the problem?

    If I run the example Adafruit_BMP085 sketch the sensor do work.

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    Is it the original example sketch?

    Try turning off DEBUG in MyConfig.h an recompile/upload to see if this improves the memory situation..

  • @hek thanks for that it work. Where do I put my local barometric pressure into the sketch?

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    @Francois said:

    Where do I put my local barometric pressure into the sketch?

    To get altitude or what do you mean?

  • @hek as per the spec sheet of the BMP085 you have to put your local altitude in.

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    @hek in fact the sensor car report the altitude, but nothing is meant for that in the 1.4 lib today

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    Ok, you'll have to look at the library-api to fine-tune this.

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    Regarding the low memory warning - at the time of the compile, sometimes the compiler does not know exactly how much memory will be needed by the program when it runs, as it doesn't know how deeply you may nest function calls or how much heap memory your code or the libraries you use may request. But if there's not much memory left for heap and stack, it will warn your about that even if it still compiles.

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