2.0 Gateway with 1.5 sensors

  • Hello All,

    I have been through the forum and documentation without finding the answer.
    So, basically, can I upgrade my gateway to version 2.0 whilst keeping my 1.5 sensors ?
    Thank you guys.

  • Mod

    I'm unable to find where I read it, but I read somewhere that you need to upgrade everything.

  • Thanks so much for the information.

  • @qqlapraline

    Running a newly upgraded 2.0 Gateway with old Nodes so far so good. I will be updating as I get to them.

  • Admin

    We recommend to upgrade everything to 2.0, when that's said, a 2.0 GW can work with 1.5 nodes.

    2.0 nodes require a 2.0 GW though

  • I allso downloaded 2.0 and find out that a lot of exaples are missing. And then I try to go back to 1.5 files are missing in .zip.
    Also the file Mysensor.h is renamed to Mysensors.h and in the build section is the old code.

  • Admin


    A lot of the examples rely on 3rd party libraries, which we can not distribute together with the mysensors core, after we entered the arduino library manager.

    So we have moved those to a new repository located here

  • Mod

    @folkestorp some of that is intentional.

    • The MySensor.h->Mysensors.h rename is to follow library requirements (the h file needs to have the same name as the library)
    • The examples that require third party libraries are moved to a separate download because otherwise it will conflict with other libraries in the Arudino IDE.

    To my understanding, hek is working on a new site for the build section. The new site will make it much less cumbersome to update, and make it possible to delegate updates so hek doesn't need to be the bottleneck.

    The 1.5 zip has been working for everyone so far though. From where did you download it and how did you install it?

  • It is a while now I'm using my 2.0 GW (because I wanted to manage sensors connected directly to it) with 1.5 sensors node and everything is running fine.

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