noob with issues building

  • hi guys...

    feeling like im quite a stupid person here as ive looked though the forum but cant find alot on my issues
    ive tried resolving it but im sure i must be missing something

    im trying to build the gateway at the moment just to prove i can get it up and running and so i can make sure my domoticz server can see it and run with it

    but i cant get it to build
    first i tried the codebender version but it told me lots of librarys are then i installed the librarys from the github site onto my local IDE but it still says librarys are missing even though i can see them
    (yes i did install mysensors under manager)

    so then i downloaded the github master brance and imported that...

    i can get the to build if i use the inbuild example...

    but i notice there is nothing under setup or loop which im sure there is supposed to be?

    am i just being stupid and missing something?

    thank you in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction

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    Hi @markjgabb. Welcome!

    The loop can be empty for nodes that only receive data (like the Dimmable Light)

    For nodes that send data, loop can not be empty. Example: Dust Sensor

    Setup is only used if the node needs to initialize something when it starts.

    Codebender does not work with MySensors 2.0 unfortunately.

    Could you post the error message you are getting in the Arduino IDE?

  • currently after alot of stuffing around ive now got it building without any errors....
    but i was just suprised the for an ethernet gateway that there was no setup or loop

    i get what you mean about light only receiving so it not needing much work

    i would of though gateway to he more complex

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    @markjgabb the gateway is a bit complex but it is all handled by the MySensors library so users don't need to bother with it.

  • that is extremely awesome....
    thanks for the time to answer my questions....back to waiting for many ebay

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