Gateway freezes again

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    I upgraded my gateway to the release version 2.0 using a moteino with a rfm69 radio attached. After one or two days the gateway stops responding. It is connected by a 20 cm USB cable directly to my computer. On the computer side I am running the latest version of domoticz which pings the Gateway every 10 seconds or so. since I have issues with connecting to many serial devices I am running it through a serial-socket Gateway script (python) that forwards all data from the socket to the serial port and vice versa. A usual sequence looks like this:

    Received socket: 0;0;3;0;18;PING
    Received serial: 0;255;3;0;22;23458138
    Received serial: 0;255;3;0;9;TSP:SANCHK:OK

    When things stop workingit continues sending pings to the Gateway, but no response is received, nor any other messages. It is usually resolved by reconnecting to the serial port, but sometimes I need to physically unplug the device to reset it. Have anyone else experienced such stability issues?

  • I don't have issue. I'm currently using Jeelink with RFM69W. Gateway works fine since 2.0 release.

  • I have the same setup; Moteino USB with RFM69HW, and mine has been running non stop for three weeks now.

    I'm using Pimatic as controller.

    I'm afraid the issue might be in your serial communication handling.

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    @DavidZH i have thought the same, but that software is an very simple script. Still, you might be right.

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