Android Based Controller for MySensors

  • **Android Based Controller for MySensors: **
    Hello Fantabulous Community,

    Inspired by mysensors popularity I have developed android based controller for MySensor nodes.


    1. Support Serial Gateway via bluetooth
    2. Supports Ethernet Gateway
    3. Acts as a TCP server so that multiple clients can connect and operate switch
    4. Can be Nodes can be controlled over cloud
    5. Allows registering of users
    6. If switch is operated by a registered user all other user will be notified via Push message
    7. Admin can enable/disable a user from operating switch via internet
    8. Interstingly Same app can be installed as Server(Controller) or Client
      8.Only one admin allowed per controller
      Yet to be done
    9. Allow switch/sensor operation via SMS
    10. Notify user via SMS if PushMessage fails
    11. Define Scenes and .....

    I planned to release it as (Nominal)Paid version. Please let me know your opinion.
    I have installed it at my home and if you are interested in getting a feel of it (By operating my home sensors ) Please PM me. I will send you apk files.


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    @Kumar-Ratnanabh @Kumar-Ratnanabh first of all. Great project. I'm not sure if offering commercial controllers through the MySensors website is something that is appropriate. We're all about open sourcing.

    For that reason I'm closing the topic, until I've got a response from @Hek

  • Admin

    Yes @TheoL is correct. You must advertise your commercial projects somewhere else.

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