Stand alone radio relay

  • Hi all.

    I want ask you about my idea ..

    I want make stand alone radio controled realy .
    in my house I use RF switch for light .. not working very good then I want make my self.

    My idea :
    RF receiver - serial gateway with own code for easy function as controller (assign new ID for node...etc)
    will have some easy display for easy setting , I2C port to communicate with I2C expander , etc ..

    node - my wall switch , standard node with 4 button , Led , temp sensor , and chime for sound .

    all node will have unique serial number .. not 1 byte .. I use 6 or 8 bytes long number .. and this number will be generated my software for upload firmware to node .
    8 unique code : 2bytes country code , 2bytes manufacturer , 4 bytes time in second from year 2010 . total is 8bytes ..

    this number will be used as payload if send packet from node to base station - serial gateway .
    I don't know how many MySensors use eeprom .. but there is not free space for 255 node uniques number .. then use only for 64 node or use external I2C or SPI eeprom .. or use internal flash to store this number ..

    Base station will have special connector ..for extension board ..
    to this connector I connect my board with relay .. with this I will know expand relay for up to 64 or more if use 16 or 32 I2C expander..

    then what do you think about it ..


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    @dzairo Can't help you with the project as it's way over my pay grade, but it sounds interesting. Good Luck!

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