MySensors 2.0 Ethernet gateway Atmega+W5100) restart all time

  • MySensors 2.0 Ethernet gateway Atmega+W5100) restart all time
    Mega 2560+ w5100
    Lib 1.5.4 all good
    Lib 2.0 restart again and again
    It start ok
    but then restart all time :

    iBoardPro ok...Ђ

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    @Maks_K - we talked about this here: some hours ago.

    Someone mentioned that: "there is an issue with the avr compiler used in all 1.6.x versions, mysensors 2.0.x and debug enabled. This combination causes resets on w5100 gateways." and tbowmo wroge "Its a bug in the compiler. Which should be fixed in a newer version of gcc. tekka did some investigations together with arduino folks on this. So I think he has more info"

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    @Maks_K @GizMoCuz I could reproduce the issue with W5100 - the issue is related to the recently updated AVR board definitions, more precisely, the Arduino Ethernet library.

    If you are running AVR board defs > 1.6.11, downgrade to 1.6.11 and the issue should be solved.

  • Thanks, you mean from the board manager downgrade "Arduino AVR Boards" from 1.16.13 to 1.16.11
    I will try so this weekend

    But... this seems an arduino library... why, with this library and mysensors 1.5, there is no problem ?
    I also think it was OK somewhere during the beta period of 2.0, but i could be wrong here as this IDE is quite new.
    But... because 1.5 is working, i suspect a problem in the 2.0 code....

    Hope either party gets this sort out quickly... i was pulling my hair because i thought i broke my gateway 😉

  • Thanks! I've been frustrated all day, watching my UNO with 5100 based shield continuously cycle through:

    0;255;3;0;9;Starting gateway (RNNGA-, 2.0.0)
    0;255;3;0;9;TSM:GW MODE

    Over and over, about once every 2 seconds.. Just downgrading to the 1.16.11 version, and it seems to have fixed it.. Still waiting to see the first comm with the Vera, but, so far so good!


  • sorry to ask, but how do you down grade?

  • @fleshfear said:

    sorry to ask, but how do you down grade?

    In your arduino IDE.. Choose Tools, Board, and at the top of the list, choose board manager, click in the window for "Arduino AVR Boards" and it will give you a pull-down for 'version' in the bottom left. Choose your 1.16.11 version, and click install..

    This worked for me.. Maybe there's a newer one now with the bug fixed, but for me this older one works!
    Good luck!!

  • Thank you, i found it and downgrade, with got it to work.
    mine was a 1.6.14, so think it's has been updated but not fixed.

  • Thanks, I tried this solution.
    The problem was described also in
    The "Arduino AVR Boards" 1.6.11 works fine, the 1.6.14 not.

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