Battery booster / voltage regulator

  • Hi guys.
    On my battery powered sensors, pro minis with voltage regulator removed, with battery booster i have a problem.
    My battery booster give about 3,6V-3,8V.
    With Mysensors 2.0 this cause a problem under presentation. I don't know why.
    Is there a way to get my boosters closer to 3,3V without replacing them?
    I guess a resistor is a bad idea? Would probably cause unstable voltage when the power consumption changes?
    Any thouhts on this.

    This is the booster i use:

  • Hardware Contributor

    hi, you can use a diode. drop voltage would be 0.7v depending of the ref (you can try with 1n4148 depending of current drawn by your circuit, but there are lot of ref). or a schottky diode for low drop voltage (0.3v).

  • Thank you for answer @scalz
    While the node sleep it consumes 0,2uA. Transmitting is around 20mA when it try to present itself.
    0,7V will give me 3-3,1V for this node i measring right now.
    Isn't that a little low? What do you think?
    I dont know how sensitive the pro mini and nrf-radio is if the voltage drop under 3.3V.
    Will the diode consume power?
    Looked at schottky diode on eBay. Any specific i should choose?

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    @xydix no worries with voltage below 3.3V. On the pro mini the BOD (which will reset arduino if voltage is too low) is set at 2.7v so you have a lot of margin. I use some sensor with CR2032 cell battery which has a maximum voltage of 3.1 and it's not a problem. You need to be over the BOD voltage that's your only limit. If you are using a 8MHz pro mini it can run at this frequency down to 2.4V at least. NRF24 will run as low as 1.9V.

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