Help to send string as payload

  • I am pretty new to programming and Arduino. I have made a temp sensor, and all are OK, but I need to send the value to the controller as a string, or a char. How can I convert the float to a string.

    I have tried with :

    char charVal[6];
    send (msg.setSensor(i).set(charVal));

    It converts right, but when I got the readings in the controller I got 20, if the temp actually are 23.

    Please help

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    @Christian-Rogne Hi and welcome.
    You should not be bothered with these conversions as MySensors takes care for you. Look at the "setters" on the API page (scroll far down)

  • Maybe normally not. The Vera Controller reads the value nicely whatever which type this is. But the Vera are connected to a Control4 controller, this wants the value to be a string or int. I have managed the value to be an int, but then I do not have any decimals. So it would be nice if I could have it to be a string

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    Are you sure you send a correct value? Did you try printing the char-buffer before sending it?

    dtostrf should be the correct function to use.

  • I have tried different things, the thing I have changed, is the type of value who would be send from the sensor.
    The default :

    gives me the following error in Control 4 :

    number 1
    string UPDATE
    parent 26
    room 1
    subcategory 0
    [string "Lua Code"]:120: bad argument #1 to 'SetVariable' (strValue should be a string) (ReceivedFromProxy)
    altid 5;0
    id 40
    temperature 23.5

    I tried to add the lines :

    char charVal[6]; //temporarily holds data from vals

    and changed the send to :


    But the same happens

    If I cast the temperature to int I got the it, but without decimals

    If I try with :

    String  string = "24,8";
    No error in Control4, but the sent temperature is 1