Most of the UI7 files are 6 months to 3 years old... Are these for 2.0.0??

  • I just got a new Vera running UI7. I want to make sure I get the latest controller code on it, but when I look at the timestamps, all of the files are 6 months to 2 years old. What should I be grabbing? There are 3 branches, but they all have the same timestamps (UI7, development, and master).

    Why doesn't someone add these files to It makes it a heck of a lot easier for people to manage the plugin and update it, and they'll be sure to get the right ones.

  • Admin

    Yes, it's the latest files.

    It's a hell to maintain releases through I did that way back (for some other plugins) but it was to cumbersome to work with.

  • @hek

    I know. I'm still waiting for them to approve my latest version of the Litetouch plugin, which I submitted months ago.

    So which branch should I be choosing for my UI7 VeraPlus? Are all of those files really that old for 2.0?

  • Admin

    Choose the UI7 branch.

    The serial protocol hasn't changes, so it still works fine. A few of the latest device types hasn't been implemented though.

  • @hek with regards to v2.0.0 libraries. After loading all the luup files onto the Vera I cannot establish communcation between Vera and GW. It shows connected but unable to add any devices similar issues on OpenLoop. My question is that does the Vera plugin support the V2 libraries. As everything seems to work fine on v1.54 but not on V2.

  • Admin

    Not sure what could be wrong, you might wanna ping @akbooer here.

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