Nano on Battery(Programming problem)

  • Hi,

    Due to a wrong order I have a lot of nano that I need to use.
    SO I trying to get the nano to work on battery. These have the ch340 chip and this chip is using approx 20 mA in standby.
    So I removed the CH340 and the voltage regulator.

    I tried to program the nano with the USB->serial(ftdi232) that I used for mini but with no success.
    If anyone have idea how to program a nano without the usb interface I like to hear you 🙂

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    @clio75. You can use a uno or nano as ISP:
    or a ISCP progrmm er.

  • Yes That's correct 😄
    I can try this now 💃


  • @sundberg84,
    Is it possible to use an arduino to program a sketch into an other arduino ?

    I can program a bootloader, but don't see a way to upload a sketch

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    @clio75 - yes, in the arduino IDE use "Arduino as ISP as programmer and use upload using programmer and that should work.
    The first arduino should have the ArduinoISP sketch flashed found in the example menu.

  • OK, I will Try again 🙂

  • I was not able to upload a sketch with "arduino as ISP" so I whent back to my orginal idea to use a FTDI232(like I use for microPro).

    I looked into the schematic on the nano and the micro. I found that on the micro the DTR pin there is a capacitor between reset and DTR input.. But the reset pin on the Nano did not. So I modified one FTDI232 with a capacitor 0,1uF (See picture).


    When I also crossed the TX/RX pins it finally works 👍

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